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Get a grip on your data with struct pim

Why pim?

(Product Information Management)
Generally speaking, all companies have an ERP system for the handling of data and processes which concern the company’s financial transactions. This may be systems such as Axapta, Navision, Dynamics and SAP. A traditional ERP system is well suited for handling data such as item numbers, prices, discounts and stock.
However, the ERP system is less suitable for storage, structure, maintenance and distribution of the data which describe the company's products. Examples are product descriptions, product attributes, the interrelationship between the products, language versions, attached files, drawings and pictures which together describe features and applications of a given product.
This is where a product database, also called a PIM system, enters the picture. The PIM system is designed to handle product related data and is a strong tool for the organisation to maintain and control all processes relating to product data. 
Struct's PIM is a 360-degree solution covering: Master Data Management (MDM), Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Assets Management - Image / File Archive (DAM).
Struct can quickly offer full proof of concept with your own data in the system.

Advantages of Struct PIM

Many good reasons to choose Struct PIM
Umbraco or “Standalone”

Struct PIM is based on Umbraco which for long has been one of the front-runners within data administration for websites. Umbraco’s thoroughly tested modules and workflows form the basis of Struct PIM and make the structuring of complex data a manageable task. The use of Struct PIM may be combined with the use of UMBRACO’s CMS tool to have the entire web toolbox gathered in the same system. Alternatively, Struct PIM can be run "Standalone" allowing the combination of the PIM system with other CMS platforms, e.g. Sitecore, Magento, EPIserver or Dynamicweb. This is possible since the Struct PIM is one of the only purely web-based solutions among the “large” PIM systems in the market.


User-friendliness and speed are paramount

To work efficiently requires an efficient tool. The user-friendliness is therefore paramount in Struct PIM. Umbraco’s design and workflows are thoroughly tested by millions of editors around the world and are a constant focus in the development. Struct PIM uses the same design and workflows to ensure a fast, easy and flexible editing of products.


Stringent data handling for maximum data quality

Struct PIM handles data in a very stringent way to ensure maximum data quality. This means, among other things, that information is stored as numbers, text, date, intervals, areas, volume, etc. and not just as text. This way, the PIM can automatically validate the editor’s input and ensure that invalid values are not entered for each individual field. At the same time, the PIM uses references between content to ensure that data is not duplicated and therefore only has to be maintained in one place.


Product hierarchy for all purposes

Many organisations operate with different product hierarchies in various connections. An internal product hierarchy is often used which makes sense in relation to internal processes but which does not necessarily make sense for marketing purposes. In Struct PIM it is possible to operate with many different product hierarchies appropriate for various purposes. It is thus possible to set up specific hierarchies for a specific purpose in which all or selected products can be placed. The hierarchies can also be used for comprising other content than products such as projects, campaigns and subsites.


The founders of Struct A/S have been part of the industry since the late 90s with a successful track record.


Functions that make product editing easy

Product attributes The PIM offers sophisticated handling of products’ attributes by allowing product groups to control which attributes to fill for each individual product. Attributes are set up and administered in one place after which they are reused across all products in the PIM.
Todo-lists and reportingAn efficient working procedure requires a constant overview. The PIM therefore contains a number of tools to ensure the editor’s overview, including to-do lists, division of tasks, notification and reporting.
Inventory handling The inventory handling in the PIM makes it possible to handle spare parts and accessories by combining inventory with products. Parts lists can also contain other parts lists so that a hierarchic structure of parts lists is easy to maintain.
Handle all languages and markets in one place Integrated in Struct PIM is the handling of an unlimited number of languages. Translation between languages is easily done in the PIM’s translation module.
Full logging of changes Struct PIM logs all changes made in the system and via a simple button, it is possible to see which changes are made to products, product groups, attributes, etc. when and by whom.
Approval workflow On products and product hierarchies, it is possible to use an approval flow in which certain information has to be approved before it can be published. Who has the right to store, approve and publish is handles through the PIM's integrated rights system.
Product life cycle handling Struct PIM contains integrated facilities for the handling of the life cycles of products from when they are being developed until they are discontinued. The life cycle handling makes it possible to control which persons can work with products dependent on which stage the product is in.
Sophisticated user and rights handling Users in the PIM can be set up and administered directly from the interface of the PIM. Here it is also possible to specifically control the rights of each individual user in the system. What a user can store on products, whether the user can approve certain information on a product, administer product hierarchy, global lists, etc. can easily be handled by means of the rights system.
Product editing Having several approaches to find products, it is always easy for editors to find a specific product. The PIM presents production information in several logically divided tabs allowing editors to always have a full overview of the product’s data. By using type specific input fields, the PIM constantly ensures that the editor cannot enter invalid values.
Integrated media bank A complete media bank is integrated in the PIM. Storage of pictures and files is made easy simply by dragging and dropping files to the media bank. When pictures and files have been entered in the media bank, they can subsequently be used everywhere in the PIM.
Global lists Global lists allow a fast set up of new lists of content which can be related directly to other locations in the PIM. In this way, the PIM ensures that data cannot be duplicated and thus only has to be maintained in one place.
Bulk update With the bulk update feature, it is possible to mass edit information on products and variants easy and quickly.


Struct has a unique PIM system and a team of specialists who can assist you through all steps  of a PIM implementation: data analysis, configuration, implementation, testing and commissioning of a PIM solution. As a supplier and partner, you can make use of our product and services throughout your customer projects. You get access to one of the strongest PIM products on the market. The solution is based on .Net and Umbraco technology. With this setup, Struct can guide you through the process and ensure that you get a successful PIM implementation at your customer's.

Umbraco or stand-alone

There are obvious benefits to gain if the entire project is based on Umbraco, consolidating the customer´s editorial work in one solution, but Struct PIM can also run stand-alone and thus be a data supplier for an eCommerce project based on Sitecore, Episerver or similar. Struct PIM is a qualified and economically attractive alternative to other standard PIM systems, such as InRiver, Perfion or Informatica.

If you are interested in hearing more about the possibilities,

please contact Jacob Kruse at +45 20 45 50 80

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