Take full control of your product information

Take full control of your product information

Engage your customers by delivering the right product information at the right time. Struct PIM allows you to have full control of your products and their presentation on all your channels
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Create engaging product experiences

Leverage Struct PIM to create powerful and engaging product experiences across all your channels.

Whether it be your E-commerce solution, your physical store, your printed catalogs or your marketplace partners such as Google Shopping or Amazon, Struct PIM enables you to easily maintain your product portfolio for all these channels to create a uniform product- and brand experience.


Fast implementation

Struct PIM is extremely flexible and thus works well within an agile development process with focus on quickly reaching target objectives

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Easy to use

The Umbraco CMS makes it easy to edit and content manage your information. There's no need for technical knowledge or abilities here, the Umbraco CMS is user intuitive for non-developers and non-designers alike

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Built to scale

The goal of any business is to grow. You're always on the lookout to grow your new customer base and to grow the relationship you have with current customers.

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Manage millions of products

Built into the Umbraco Backoffice, Struct PIM provides user friendly, easy to use tools for management of large amounts of products.

Use bulk update features to update thousands of products in one process. Struct PIM allows you to manage millions of products effectively in Umbraco.
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Ensure data quality

The versatile data structure allows for specific data setups and validation rules, ensuring users' can only enter data in the correct format.

Use the dashboard to get a constant overview of your products' data health, and initiave new tasks and to-do lists when some products need attention.

Key features & benefits

Struct PIM features that makes it easy to manage product information

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Import data from external sources

Import product data from Excel, CSV or XML files directly into Struct PIM or use the Supplier Onboarding Portal to engage suppliers in the product data management process.

Furthermore, Struct PIM provides an open REST Api allowing for fluent integration with any external system such as Dynamics AX, Naivision, SAP etc.

Distribute product data

Built-in features to export data to different formats makes it easy to export your product data to different destinations.

Use the open REST Api to create robust integrations with external systems such as your E-commerce solution or build automated punch outs for your partners.
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Product attributes

The PIM offers sophisticated handling of products’ attributes by allowing product groups to control which attributes to fill for each individual product.

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Todo-lists and reporting

An efficient working procedure requires a constant overview.

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PDF catalogues

With the Catalogue add on to Struct PIM it is possible to generate automated PDF catalogues.

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Easily import and export product information in different formats.


Bulk update

With the bulk update feature, it is possible to mass edit information on products and variants easy and quickly.

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Integrated media bank

A complete media bank is integrated in the PIM. Storage of pictures and files is made easy simply by dragging and dropping files to the media bank.

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Virtual hierarchies

Organize your products specifically for the targeted audience.

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Open API

Integrate your organization's IT-systems with the PIM system.

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Partnership with Struct

Become PIM Partner with the best in business and get access to the most powerful PIM system in the market

Struct has a unique PIM system and a team of specialists who can assist you through all steps of a PIM implementation: data analysis, configuration, implementation, testing and commissioning of a PIM solution.

As a supplier and partner, you can make use of our product and services throughout your customer projects. You get access to one of the strongest PIM products on the market. The solution is based on .Net and Umbraco technology.

Struct can guide you through the process and ensure that you get a successful PIM implementation.

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Jacob Kruse

CEO, Partner

+45 20 45 50 80

Struct PIM key selling points
Extremely flexible and scalable
Workflows for managing large data sets
Unlimited markets, languages and channels
Easy integration for all platforms
Specialist support
Attractive pricing

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Jacob Kruse
CEO, Partner

+45 20 45 50 80